Many good charities are tackling problems of hunger and poverty around the world. Catholics in southeastern Wisconsin are increasingly giving their support to Catholic Relief Services. Where other charities alleviate immediate needs, CRS goes beyond. It works to develop long-term solutions to the profound poverty in more than 100 countries.As an example, instead of giving out textbooks, CRS meets with a community’s leaders to ask what kind of school they want. CRS then supplies the construction materials, teaches the people to build their own school and trains the teachers.

Whether in education, poverty or health care, CRS is following the same grassroots approach. It’s a different way of meeting the world’s most pressing needs, and making a lasting difference.

Following the example of Jesus Christ, CRS serves people based solely on need, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Water – It’s more precious than gold.

“I’ll always treasure my gold medals. But I know that so many people need something more basic – clean water. I’m honored to support the Wellspring of Hope project. I firmly believe that in today’s technologically advanced world, everyone should have access to safe drinking water. Won’t you join me?”

Bonnie Blair, Olympic speed skating champion