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Why are local Catholics like us so deeply involved in projects halfway around the world? We passionately believe that CRS is bringing about permanent change by equipping and training people to solve their own problems—and to keep doing so into the future. Jesus instructed us to go to “all nations.” CRS offers us a means for doing so, and we’ve seen the results firsthand. That’s why we’re so committed to the current Wellspring of Hope project, which brings clean, safe water to thousands in Ethiopia. We hope you will help contribute to making this campaign a success.We also invite you to learn more about our personal experiences with CRS, and to join us in our mission of global giving. A healthier, safer, more just world is a local concern! Feel free to call us at 262-225-9963 or email help@crswi.org.

Help fresh water flow in Ethiopia.

  • Join Bonnie Blair and other local supporters to raise funds for the Wellspring of Hope project.
  • Develop new freshwater springs to provide thousands in Ethiopia with safe household water.
  • Help build latrines at schools, which will benefit thousands of Ethiopian children.
  • Feel good that you are supporting sustainable, timeless solutions to water issues, not just a quick one-time fix.

Please consider making a gift to bring life-giving water to thousands of Ethiopians.

Giving the winning edge to people in need.

“I was lucky to have grown up as part of a great family with wonderful parents. They gave me encouragement, opportunity and support. Now I’m trying to do the same thing for my kids. But around the world there are so many people in poverty who don’t have these advantages. That’s why I’ve become involved with Catholic Relief Services and the donors in our community here who are committed to its success. CRS isn’t just going from crisis to crisis, but providing people with the tools to build long-term solutions to their problems. I teach my kids to embrace the challenges in front of them with all their strengths, and that’s what I see CRS doing. They’re giving individuals and communities the advantages they need to win the fight against poverty, disease and ignorance. And that makes all of us winners!”

Photo: Bonnie Blair set world records in speed skating during her career and participated in the 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympic games. She was the first American woman to win five gold medals and the first American to win gold medals in the same event at three consecutive Olympics. Bonnie and her family reside in the local area.